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Costa Mesa Chiropractors at Atlas Wellness Center

At Atlas Wellness Center, our experienced and highly-skilled Costa Mesa chiropractors are dedicated to providing our patients with gentle, quality treatment, utilizing only the most effective chiropractic techniques and modern technology available today.

Dr. Louis Rice and Dr. Kosta Adamou take a personalized, individual approach to chiropractic care. From the moment you walk in the doors, you can tell they genuinely care about your health and well-being. Instead of simply treating a patient's symptoms, they focus on each patient's health potential. This provides a unique chiropractic experience and enables our patients to live healthy, active and vital lives.

How Can Visiting a Chiropractor in Costa Mesa Benefit You?

Chiropractic can help relieve pain throughout your body and help it return to a normal, healthy state. Whether you suffered a sports injury, were in a car accident, or you are feeling the effects of a lifetime of bad posture, our drug-free, hands-on approach to healthcare can make a noticeable difference in your quality of life. 

Chiropractic is also very effective at increasing flexibility and range of motion, as well as treating stress, anxiety, headaches and high blood pressure. Additionally, proper spinal alignment through chiropractic adjustments can help you recovery from injuries faster and boost your immune system.

Some of our patients are surprised to learn that our chiropractic treatments have positive affects on their overall mental health, focus and concentration and quality of sleep.

Free Consultation for New Costa Mesa Chiropractic Patients

We are inviting all new prospective patients to visit our office for a Free Consultation. If you are unsure if chiropractic care at Atlas Wellness Center is right for you, then please take us up on this limited time offer.

There is no pressure, no risk and no obligation. When you visit, we'll introduce you to our doctors and staff, give you a tour of the office, and you'll have a simple conversation with one of our doctors, where we'll answer all your questions and determine if we can help you with you condition.

To schedule your consultation, simply call us at (714) 540-6792 or fill out the form to the right.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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