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Personal Injury

Car Accident

A car crash can be on of the most stressful events in a person’s life. After 20 yrs of treating auto injury victims, we know what it takes to get you back to normal life quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s getting rear-ended, a T-bone crash, or other, the impact has the potential to damage tissue and nerves surrounding the spine, and make your life miserable.

At Atlas Wellness Center, we use a variety of approaches to help you recover with minimal pain and discomfort after a car crash. Our approach is as follows:

Initial Visit: Paperwork filled out, Evaluation, Imaging (X-rays, MRI referral, etc as needed) and first treatment.
Follow-up Visit: Review of Findings and referrals to other specialists to co-manage, as needed. Your treatment plan may include a combination of the following:
        Physical Therapy
        Massage Therapy
        Cold Laser Therapy
        Exercise Rehab (Pilates-based)

Regarding Auto Insurance

While each person’s personal circumstances are different, we always strongly suggest you carry medical payment (aka “medpay) coverage on your auto insurance plan, as well as UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist).

Med-Pay will cover your medical care regardless of who’s at fault in an auto crash, and UIM will cover you in case of being struck by an uninsured motorist, or if their policy can’t cover all of your expenses. Both are relatively inexpensive, so call your insurance agent and make sure you have it.


Having been in the personal injury trenches for almost 20 yrs, we are happy to take cases on a lien. We provide periodic status updates, and top-notch documentation. Call our office at 714 540 6792 and to schedule an appointment.