Success Stories

Atlas Wellness Center Success Stories

"When I started coming to Atlas Wellness Center, my symptoms included headaches, sinus trouble, runny noses, earaches, hoarseness, stiff neck, colds, poor circulation and cramps, numbness in my toes, and low back pain.

Today I am feeling better than ever! My corrective chiropractic care has changed my way of life. I recommend ATLAS to anyone who wants improved health!"

- Red W. 

"My name is Bruce and I am the CEO of an investment real estate company. I developed scoliosis when I was a teenager and have lived with the resulting back pain and pinched nerves. For decades doctors have told me that a very complicated and somewhat dangerous surgery was the only answer. So I chose to live with the pain.

Dr. Rice's adjustments have minimized my pain dramatically. During the months that I have been under his care, he has performed four scans on my neck and back. The first scan showed 17 problem areas. The second scan showed 12. And the most recent scan showed only 6 problem areas. Talk about improvement. The facts speak for themselves. Dr. Rice's treatments have helped relieve my pain and made a significant difference in my quality of life."

- Bruce B.

"Before I came to the Atlas Wellness Center I had trouble breathing when I ran, and what made it even worse is running in the grass. My dad brought me to the wellness center. I was skeptical but after my first adjustment I felt great. After a few adjustments I was healed by the magic hands of Dr. Kosta and now I feel great. But what also helped is the friendly atmosphere at the center. My whole family gets adjusted and we feel great!"

- Michael G., 12 yrs old.


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